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A number of issues have to be considered in the pricing and implementation of rail transportation - particularly when it is a question of international railway transportation. For the planning of rail freight operations and the calculation of costs, we require the following information:

  • The names of the departure and destination stations
  • The commodity title and customs code. The CN-items can be downloaded from the website of the Finnish customs service
  • The type of wagon. You can view additional information on our stock of wagons here
  • The gross weight of the goods in the wagon – accuracy to within five tons is sufficient. If the weights of the transported wagons vary, the freights can be calculated over several weight categories, such as 35 ton/wagon, 40 ton/wagon, etc.
  • When the freight is transported on flat wagons (a VOK or VO-wagon), information is required on the dimensions of the goods. If the goods in question are oversized and / or transported on flat wagons, this is considered to be a special transportation, whereupon loading drawings and special transportation permits are required from the railway. The railway loading charts in regards to the  CIS countries can be found here

We calculate the rail freight on the basis of the above information. Agreements on transportations are created on the basis of freight tenders.

We require a transportation order for the implementation of the transportation

Please note that use of the transportation order form requires the existence of a valid contract.

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