Dried milk from Seinäjoki Finland to Kazakhstan

The powdered milk of Finnish Valio travels all the way of 5.100 km from Finland to Central Asia in two weeks’ time

Valio Seinäjoki factories ship twice a month two full truck loads of powdered milk down to Kouvola. In Cargo East Terminal of Kouvola, 60 pallets full of 25 kg bags of dry milk are transferred into a 158 m3 box car, and the journey to Kazakhstan begins.

Freight One Scandinavia (FOS) answers the third year now of Valio’s export carriage to Kazakhstan. Annually FOS transports more than 1.500 tonns of milk powder.

FOS manages the whole transport chain from Seinäjoki of Finland to Almaty of Kazakhstan where the end customer receives the goods. FOS dispatches the wagons, checks and ensures their quality, arranges the appropriate loading of wagons, verifies the waybills, invoices and other export documents, and relying on its shareholders Finnish Railways and OAO ”PGK” of Russia as well the Kazakhstan Temir Zholi, ensures the timely arrival of the wagons to the final destination.

Full Truck Loads are transloaded into Freight One Scandinavia’s pre-checked and prepared 158 m3 wagons in CET Terminal of Kouvola.

  • 60 pallets of milk powder in 25 kg bags
  • Effective weight of 62 tonns in a 158 m3 box car
  • The recent expansion of Kouvola CET-terminal offers the total storage and working area of 25 000 m2
  • Freight One Scandinavia’s private yard is located next to CET-terminal thus ensuring very accurate wagon dispatch for loading.
The pallets have to be loaded tightly so that the goods may not get distorted, especially headways. The last loaded pallets by the doors will be buffered by air bags that absorb the acceleration forces of sudden wagon movements.
- ”A challenging task is to determine the economically optimal shipment size while ensuring the correct and safe loading of goods in the wagon” says Freight One Scandinavia’s sales manager, Mr. Tero Mäkinen.
From Kouvola, the milk powder leaves east for the border stations Vainikkala and Buslovskaya. The goods travel via Sankt Petersburg, Yaroslavl, Rostov and Penza crossing the border to Kazakhstan, and continuing all the way down to the South-East corner finally reaching the city of Almaty. The accumulated distance exceeds 5.100 kilometers, and the journey time will be approximately two weeks.
- “The high quality and timeliness of freight are essential to us. The exceptionally high quality requirements of food industry set the standard also for the carriers, and Freight One Scandinavia has met our expectations. As a whole, we’re very much satisfied with the rendered service” confirms Valio’s regional director, Mr. Ari Ahonen.