Heavy lift to Chelyabinsk, cost effectively and in time

Freight One Scandinavia’s (FOS) know how played the main role when the Czech project management company Enkom acquired gas generators of Wärtsilä were transported to the site of a newly built power plant in Chelyabinsk of Russia. FOS’s expertice guaranteed the correct and reliable loading of nearly 100 wagons, problem free crossing of the railway border, and cost effective and timely arrival at the destination.

As the core of the plant, four Wärtsilä 10 megawatt generators were transported. Carrying the 86 tonns weighing generator engines to the destination called for mastering the railway and general logistics, special heavy lift rolling stock, and seamless co-operation between all the participants of the project. Even the transport was a demanding one, and the schedule was tight, the shipment arrived in time, as fast as only four weeks.

In a nutshell:

  • Logistics Company: Freight One Scandinavia (Finland)
  • Client: Enkom a.s. (Czech republic)
  • Supplier: Wärtsilä, 4 pcs 10 MW generator sets
  • Cargo: 62 container platforms and 35 specialty wagons, amounting to 2000 tonns and 9770 m³
  • Schedule: Rail transport from Mäntyluoto of Finland to Chelyabinsk of Russia in four weeks’ time. Despite of the increased volume the delivery time was cut by a week during the project.

Expertice and co-operation assure the quality

The first leg of the journey, taking 106 sea containers and 35 wagon loads from Mäntyluoto to Kouvola, took a week. Loading and lashing the heavy lift in Kouvola required two weeks.The longer leg on rail, taking 62 container platforms and 35 special purpose wagons, all in all 97 rail vehicles, from Kouvola to Chelyabinsk, lasted again a week. By the original plan, plenty of more wagons were planned, but thanks to the optimization of loading and containerization of cargo, the number of wagons could be reduced even the volume of cargo grew by 1500 m3 during the project. The optimization also contributed to significant savings in the transport costs for the client.

FOS’s Sales Manager, mr. Jan Linnainmaa sees a great benefit in the company having a large transport partner, namely the PGK, and the excellent relations with the wagon suppliers, and solid expertice in forwarding and documentation.

”A project large like this demands close co-operation with the sub-suppliers for ensuring the meeting of the budget. Also our tightly knit co-working with Finnish and Russian railways made it possible that the convoy never stopped moving. This offers great savings in wagon rental costs”, says Linnainmaa.

Enkom, who bought the project, is very satisfied with the transport.

”FOS is an expert in Russia bound logistics of industrial goods, and this succesfully managed heavy lift is a prime example of that. The best possible price-quality ratio is of utmost importance for us, and in this case, that materialized excellently“, thanks the Director of Enkom, mr. Richard Benda.

Freight One Scandinavia’s advantages in transport:

  • Large transport partner (PGK) = Flexible and sufficient transport capacity
  • Close relationship with wagon suppliers = Optimal choice of rolling stock
  • Tightly knit co-working with subcontractors = cost efficiency
  • Co-operation with Finnish and Russian railways = continuous movement
  • Expertice in forwarding and documentation = smooth crossing of railway border