We offer all the services that you require for rail freight transportation between Finland, Russia and the CIS countries. Through us, you can order the suitable wagons and purchase complete freight from the departure station to the terminals station for export, import or transit transportation.
If necessary, we can gather a complete package for you, also including other services throughout the whole transportation chain. Our services include, among others, import and export forwarding, the completion of freight records, car transportation and terminal services. Our field of business also includes special transportations.

In so far as you already have an agreement with us, you can follow the progress of your order through the web pages of our wagon tracking system.

It is important to us that your transportation takes place in the exact manner that has been agreed upon. Since the ordering of a freight wagon is not quite as easy as ordering a taxi, we would like to carefully plan your carriage with you in advance. This also applies to all of our transportations. The best way to ensure the success of your transportation is to contact our rail transportation professionals well in advance of the anticipated implementation period.

You can also check the Client’s guide as to what issues should be taken note of when making tenders and orders. Please note that in order to use the order form, a valid agreement is required.

You’re on the right track with us!